Invest for Change

Web design and development sprint for university divestment campaign.

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The goal

Invest for Change had a briefing doc and branding already created, but the campaign hadn’t yet launched and lacked an easy access point for students and university staff. They wanted to be able to concisely display their campaign’s objectives and motivations in order to get students to join a workshop and start an Invest for Change campaign at their university. They also needed a website that could be easily maintained by their team.

The challenge

We had just a few days to pull off this website before launch, which meant I condensed my usual design and development process to run simultaneously.

The process

First I met with the campaign manager to strategise the purpose of the website, decide which content to include and brainstorm a structure for the site. We decided that a simple one-page site would be best for presenting the information, and would work with our short timeframe.

I chose to create this site on Wix, this platform has its downfalls: It’s not as good for SEO as a self-coded site and lacks some features. However, for a sprint project like this it’s perfect, as the simple drag-and-drop functionality allows me to design (decide which content goes where, and how it will look) and develop (create the actual website) at the same time. Another advantage to Wix is that it has a very intuitive system for the Invest for Change team to add to. 

I used the concept note and other key information given to me by the campaign manager to create the key content of the site and let them fine-tune the copy before launch. I used the already existing branding to inform the design of the website, and formed a website style that fit in with their social media graphics.  I configured SEO so that the website appeared as the first google search result listing for “Invest for Change” despite several competing pages.

The results

Joe created an extremely professional and engaging website for the Invest for Change campaign, with minimal direction. The final product exceeded my expectations, both visually and in terms of functionality. The website has brought the campaign to life, clearly articulating the background, aims and next steps. The website has allowed me to engage with students digitally and I have had very positive feedback from both students and external visitors.

Jamie Agombar, Executive Director at Students Organising for Sustainability