Joe Brindle, climate activist, with Green New Deal t-shirt
Joe Brindle Climate Activist

I use the internet to campaign for a better future.

I help campaigns and NGOs create stunning websites and fantastic digital strategies so they can increase awareness, raise donations, build support, and grow movements.

Joe has a fantastic eye for impactful and engaging web design

Grace Corn, Project Manager at Teach the Future

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I design awesome websites and digital strategies for non-profits.


Here is how I can help your organisation approach the online world.

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Digital Strategy

I help non-profits and campaigns create powerful digital strategies to increase awareness, raise donations, build support and grow movements. With experience in email marketing, social media content creation, online advertising and digital fundraising - I can help your non-profit find it’s place on the internet.

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I can bring your non-profit into the present with fantastic visual branding. Standing out from other NGOs can be difficult, particularly online, which is why you need great, recognisable branding.

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I use Webflow to develop trustworthy online presences for non-profits that can turn visitors into engaged supporters. Your website should be your top fundraiser, perfect spokesperson and powerful movement builder - I can make that happen.

Joe Brindle Climate Activist

I care about the things that matter to you.

I am an 18-year-old climate campaigner, founder of Teach the Future and proud advocate of the Green New Deal. I’m not just in this for the money - I care about your work.

Email me at, let’s have a virtual cuppa and see how we can work together.


I have some pretty solid values that guide my work.

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I don’t market unethical products because frankly, I don’t want to help sell more rubbish people don’t need.

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I want to work with organisations that are improving society, particularly those working on education, poverty reduction, racial justice and sustainability. Also, I’m not afraid to get #political.

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I care about climate & environmental justice, and have been campaigning on this for years now. This runs throughout the work I do and is why I’ve chosen a web host that is working to reach 100% renewable energy usage.


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